December 2007

It’s amazing how much needs to be done so that things can get done. Especially in volunteer-based organizations, we find that good structure can make up a lot of the gap between donated work and work necessary to run the place. Unfortunately, building that infrastructure and maintaining it is, in fact, also work.

In this congregation we are refining our web presence, considering staffing issues, and working on communication methods; we are also continuing to be a living, breathing, vital congregation. This means that we have to stay awake and alert, but it’s so rewarding.

The Board meeting tonight is being rescheduled, probably for Saturday at 3:15. Keep your ears open for updates from Kay.

I bought this book because I heard Kelly Bryson interviewed and thought he had a lot of good and useful insights. Unfortunately, his writing style in this book is grumpier than his interviewing style, and I had a much harder time absorbing his wisdom. I’m not sure I’d recommend the book, but I’d definitely recommend his mentor’s book, Nonviolent Communication first (see below).

I also just finished reading the book, based on the blog by the same name, written by Rev. Gordon Atkinson. It’s incredible. Most of his writing is. It’s raw and honest and real and true and funny. If you’re clergy you’ll like it especially, as long as you don’t mind irreverent religious leaders. Highly recommended. Only available directly from Gordon at his website,

Just finished Nonviolent Communication: a language of life by Marshall Rosenberg. Follow the link for a preview.

It’s a good book. Like everything, there are times when it’s not useful and times when it is, but this method (learn more at the Center for NonViolent Communication website) has a lot of potential for personal as well as community transformation. I especially appreciate the fact that it can be practiced solo–others don’t need to know the system for it to be effective.