In my web wanderings I stumbled across this instructables entry and got seduced. Essentially, furoshiki is fabric-based origami (work with a square or almost-square, no cutting or sewing, although there is knotting) with the object of creating wrappings and bags that can be untied and tied again around something different. incredibly simple. totally customizable. very environmental. and apparently, rather fashionable. I know next-to-nothing about Japanese culture, but this seems like a reasonably-borrowable technology. Apparently there’s a Korean form, too. I wonder if South Asia has a history of something like this? Seems like if we’ve got unstitched clothing we must have unstitched carryalls…

In the interest of simplifying and environmentalizing this seems like a good direction to go.

Edit: more furoshiki links: which includes videos here
Wikipedia’s page
the Japanese Ministry of the Environment guide, with words to go with the diagrams
and one particularly good video from YouTube (included in the website)