earlier I posted about Muslim and Christian dialogues, which sound well-planned and very inspiring.

Now I read that apparently the Pope, in a surprise move, baptized an Egyptian-born Italian Muslim into Catholicism…in a big spectacle on Easter. Blogger Real Live Preacher writes about it here, which is where I found out, clearly having spent Easter under a rock.

Credit where due: the gentleman was under a death threat for criticizing Islam BEFORE the baptism, and such a prominent figure may well have a legitimate claim to the attention of the pope, and of course we all have to do what we think is right. I don’t agree with the violence of RLP’s first fantasy.

But it does seem that perhaps a little less spectacle about this might have been prudent given the world climate right now and all. I worry. Sure you CAN, and you may even have a right to, but what is the most effective way to make change?