I read a lot of blogs. They keep my mind open and active. Some of them are like Real Live Preacher, personal essays and religion and things; some of them are about knitting; some are about green living. Mostly I run across them when I’m researching something. One day I was looking up how to cook dried beans and I found Such Treasures. The blogger is a highly observant Christian who homeschools and homesteads with her three children and her husband. Now there’s a lot she says that I don’t agree with, and there’s some that I don’t even understand, but there’s a lot of sweetness and strength and wisdom there, too. Recently she posted about fencing their property. In the course of the post she wrote, “I know I can’t do the work of a man…”.

She sounds so certain.
She sounds so sure.
She sounds reassured.
I wonder what it would be like. I have an underlying sense that I need to try to do everything; that I need to try to be good at everything. One of the hardest lessons of partnership or community is learning that we don’t need to be good at everything; that others can do what they are good at for the good of all concerned.

What gifts do you bring?
…and what can you just let go?