September 2008

I try to avoid major politics here; I know we all have different approaches to things. But this song is funny and well-written.

Alison Bechdel (cartoonist of long-running Dykes to Watch Out For) has a partner whose passion is composting. Here, Holly spends a few hours of her vacation overhauling the compost pile for the UU meetinghouse in Provincetown, MA.

Yarn Harlot, that is. Stephanie Pearl-McPhee is a former doula turned professional knitter and writer-about-knitting. She also writes a highly entertaining and very sweet blog. As part of her latest book tour she went to London for a few days; on her last day she went for a wander and wandered right into a cathedral. The whole travellogue is wonderful; her description of her atheist faith is beautiful; the comments from four self-identified UUs is icing on the cake. We (your clergy) work so hard to get people past the odd sort of shame that seems to hang over liberal religion, that it’s very gratifying to see evidence that some people are really claiming the beauty of this faith.

If you have any affinity for art, architecture, or travel, go look. Aside from a few random pictures that include a stripey sock, there’s nothing very knitter-specific there, just a whole lot of beautiful photographs and accompanying prose. Yum.

According to the bylaws of the UUA, the Principles and Purposes must be reviewed regularly (and changed, if necessary). We have been overdue for our latest overhaul, and the Commission on Appraisal has been hard at work for the last two years or more drafting an updated version of Article II, where the Principles and Purposes reside. The new revisions are now available! Go here:

click through to the document after reading their introduction, and then give them your feedback. Comments here are closed to encourage you to reply directly to the COA, which can actually do something with your opinions. Enjoy!