I’ve been thinking about our church building lately. It was built like a New England farmhouse, one piece at a time, with what and whom we had available. We have space for worship, space for community, space for education. But although this congregation’s unifying value undoubtedly centers around relationship and connection, the community room is the least beautified and most neglected. It has tired furniture and makeshift organization. Soon, we’ll be looking at a changed space–the sprinkler tanks that have so long occupied the corner will be gone, made unnecessary by our upcoming connection to city water. It is a time of great potential for transformative change, change that will allow us to shape the space according to both our needs and our values and to honor the sweat and labor that members put into building that room.

It doesn’t have to be complicated. It doesn’t have to be expensive. But our space deserves our respect and our attention. Let’s dream a little. What would make it a brilliant space, a gem of our building–for socializing, for meeting, for making and nurturing connections? What would make coffee hour sweet and comfortable; what would make large meetings energetic and warm and productive? What else might we do there? Worship? Dancing? Workshops? What would let us feel like we are held in the heart of our building? What would give us another wonderful space for ourselves and the larger community?

This space, like all spaces, should serve our community and reflect our beliefs. How can we make that happen?