I have a great many friends who are math and science geeks. They include a chemistry/physics teacher, a biology teacher, and a couple of advanced geometers (people who work with geometry). My brother just finished his PhD in artificial intelligence, my father is a chemical engineer, my mother’s degree is in applied math, and I have a friend working on a doctorate in bioengineering and nanotechnology, with some connection to microfluidics. Her husband is an actuary. Then there are the friends who work in software security.

I’m so glad I spent time in computer tech before I headed into ministry.

Anyway, recently knitters and crocheters have been working on ways to use their crafts to make 3D representations of advanced mathematical stuff. There’s a klein bottle hat, for example, and a number of other things that I understand much less.

All that was important to explain this fabulous and fun cartoon. Props to Stitch Witch for the link.