First the food.

Way back in another lifetime in another universe, I was engaged. We had very little money and lots of student debt and were forever looking for ways to keep our costs down. This is one of those ways, passed from my then-fiance (we never did get married) to me and onward to you. It is, I will warn you, not particularly healthy. It is ramen-based. But it is a vast improvement over the undoctored ramen. Really. And even if you substitute a non-MSG-laced broth (ie, toss the “flavor packet” and boil the noodles in stock of your own devising) it’s still cheaper than almost anything that your stomach will believe is a full meal.


Recession-proof Ramen

needed per person:
one packet of ramen noodles
one egg
substitute broth (optional)

Prepare the ramen as directed by the package. When it is very nearly cooked, take it off the heat, break the egg(s) into it, and whisk vigorously. Slurp out of the pot with the aid of a fork, or attempt to act civilised by pouring it off into a large bowl first.

Warning: it splatters.
High in fat (ramen noodles are fried before packaging) and protein (yay, eggs!). If you add vegetables it begins to resemble actual soup, but in Maine in the winter that can be an expensive proposition.

Now on to microlending. Usually a tactic for banks in the US to magnanimously apply in countries where the dollar is so strong as to make exchange almost laughable, I wonder what would happen if we did something like that here, with each other, because the banks won’t lend us money? With the circles for support for repayment and allathat. To get businesses started and things. Just thinking.


And while I’m thinking about the economy. I’m thinking we’re moving from an economy of stuff to an economy of brains. Which hurts my head, because shouldn’t stuff be worth something? But if there’s plenty of stuff (I contend that the problem is not lack of stuff but bad distribution of either stuff or people) then there’s nothing to drive an economy as such. But knowledge can be forever generated and consumed.