If you believe something is possible, then it probably is; if you believe it isn’t then it probably won’t happen. The Galatea Effect could as easily be called the Brigadoon Effect (“If you love someone deeply enough, anything is possible–even miracles”), but what it boils down to is this: we are all capable of far more than we know. If it matters, if we want it, if we work for it, if we commit to it, we can encourage, cajole, drive, lift each other to incredible heights.

And in a small church, everyone who shows up is influential. And if you walk around defeated, so will they. As I said on Sunday, we have to work toward our own happiness–because when we put our backs and shoulders behind what matters to us, it changes our own world and everyone else’s, too.

I don’t know what film this is from, but it’s a fantastic scene–well worth the seven minutes to watch it:

give it your best. We CAN do it.