Way back in the day, I took a lot of programming classes. I like programming–it’s concrete and creative with more than one right answer but clear right answers–when you get it right, you know it, because the thing does what you want it to do. GIGO is an old programming idea: garbage in, garbage out. If your input is no good, no amount of programming can fix that.

It’s not just for computers, though. It is absolutely true of my brain. Put garbage in, garbage comes out. If I want my writing to work, I have to expose myself to writing that works. Lots of poetry makes me poetic; lots of newspapers makes me journalistic. I strive for a good mix–some weeks are more successful than others. And of course, in the end, I still have to sit down and write. No amount of good input can make the words come out. This has been a week of blogs and more than my usual number of conversations. But it’s time to write now. Just. Sit Down. And Write.