Remember being little, when summer seemed like it stretched out forever? Remember every gem of a day, every moment of possibility? Remember how September came too soon, and with it a long list of things you planned but never quite managed to do?

Now if you did all the stuff you could cram in, whatever that was, sleeping in the sun or working long days or fishing at dawn or talking with friends, then it might not be so bad to see what didn’t happen. But if you didn’t do anything that you planned, then that September schoolbell could feel like a death knell. We only get the luxury of doing that summer thing for about twelve or thirteen summers, maybe sixteen if we’re lucky. But even after summer becomes just another season, the lists continue: what to do, and what to wish we’d done.

That’s where coaching and community and church come in. That’s where we need each other. With a little help from our friends (thank you, Beatles) we can make sure that even if the list doesn’t get finished, we had a damn fine time getting to the incomplete ending. And we can make sure that no matter what we did or didn’t do, it feels like we had all summer long.