September 2009

…about the meaning and purpose of worship at Real Live Preacher. He is a liberal Baptist who chose to worship at Orthodox churches during his sabbatical. This is worship that is physically demanding and intellectually rigorous in ways that we UUs don’t usually encounter. That conversation in the comments is rich and beautiful; I was particularly interested by the idea that worship which is not about the worshipper at all could be profoundly meaningful.

How would worship be different for us if we designed it around something other than ourselves, and what would the center of our worship be?

and is she beautiful. Stunning colors, crisp nights, warm days. This is one of the many reasons I live in Maine. And with those crisp fall nights come hunger and full shelters and a rise in desperation and heating and other bills. These are my requests: if you have it to give, give some money to a shelter or a food pantry, or donate some food. If you know of a shelter, free supper, or other resource in Hancock County, post it here in the comments so I have a complete area list. Today I had a request from a mother with a six year old for housing, and I had nothing to offer her that she hadn’t already tried.

So love the crispness. And love each other, eh?