I posted this over at UUCE’s page on Facebook but let’s try it here, too. If you have an idea, post it in the comments. Let’s get this ball rolling!

There are three ways a church gets money: we bring it in by rentals, investments, and other uses of existing resources; we receive it from our members as gifts, donations, bequests, and pledges; or we earn it together.

With just over half of our pledging units reporting, we have just under half of the money we need to raise this year. If you have not made your pledge, please, please, please do so! We have pledge cards at the church; if you can’t get to the church, please call/message/email Leela and she’ll make sure you get a card.

But the fact remains that in many cases, money is our limiting factor–the more money we have, the more we can do–and our goal this year really is the minimum amount we need to operate the church. In this economy there’s a chance that even with everyone giving as much as they possibly can, we won’t make our goal.

So we have two choices: we can roll over, play dead, and decide there’s nothing we can do about it.

Or we can make a concrete plan for how we’re going to make up the difference.

In past years we’ve had a generalized hope that we were going to fundraise. We did fundraise some, but never with any clear sense of whether we would reach our goal. If we’re going to perch our budget on fundraising at all, we really need to have a plan. We need events, dates, and a person to organize each thing.

So let’s start brainstorming. What are some ways we could raise money? Think wild. Think fun. Think interesting. We can edit later, so don’t bother critiquing what other people have to say. Right now, let’s get the ideas out there. Post your ideas in the comments and we’ll get started!