May I be anything but passive
by what means I do not know
may I be strong
may I be kind
may I be wise beyond these 34-and-eleven-twelfths
because lord knows
(not that there is one)
(or maybe so)
I need it.
May I be inspired and embracing
may I get out of the way
may I see the way
that I might travel it
and so doing
point it out to others
who may be lost
or maybe are found
by someone
(if there is someone
which I doubt
not that it matters)
but most of all
may it not matter
one iota
where we find our collective wisdom
and our collective strength
may our joint compassion
and passion for the world rise up
from within us
may we rise up from within us
fired up
or tired out
or a little of both
it’s time to go save the world
may we know that we were born
every one of us
to do
Starting here.
Starting now.
Just that.