Mother Ganga–the river Ganges–flows down from the Himalayas, glacier-fed and holy. On her journey to the Bay of Bengal she picks up every offering from the earth and every contribution from her people, until she is rich in everything from mountain silt to ash and dung and rotting
flesh. So enriched she winds her way from India into Bangladesh and finally out to the ocean.

In Patna where my father was born the water runs thick and grey-brown, the ghats crowded with people mourning and celebrating and praying from the depths of their souls. Patna’s sacred history has been obscured by generations of corruption and poverty; it is the capital of Bihar, known still as one of the “backward states” of India–least developed, least forward-thinking, least wealthy, least stable. Like the river, Patna lives in paradox.

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Emma’s Revolution played here on Friday. They are fun, they are opinionated, they are activists, they are articulate, they are Pat Humphries and Sandy O, singing songs of personal transformation and social change for a better world. If you are not familiar with their music, you’re missing out. I’ve known and loved Pat’s music for years, and I think Sandy brings great energy to the show. Well worth the time–their music sticks in your head…in the good way. I celebrate them.

I got into sexuality education because of my church. More precisely, my church so impressed me with not only what they were doing but how that I committed to myself to learn to teach the sexuality education class I was taking in Sunday School. I did. Then I got the updated version of the training. In the spaces between I have read everything I can get my hands on to stay educated about sex and sexuality and education and spirituality and religion and how they all tie together. One of my first encounters with such things was a slide show about AIDS, given in the early 90’s by a member of our church who was connected to SEICUS (Sexuality Education and Information Council of the United States). That member was Debra Haffner who has since become a UU minister. This is her blog. Check it out!

Every once in a while I wander through links on other websites. This comes to me from the indomitable and captivating Real Live Preacher and is called Blaugustine.

There are some amazing people out there. One of them is Heather Corinna. She is an artist, an activist, an educator, a writer, and a leader…among other things. Her highest-traffic website is scarleteen, where she heads up a team of volunteers providing massive amounts of excellent sexuality education information to anyone who drops by (especially teens) at all hours and on all subjects in a street-smart, nonjudgemental way. Alas, the donations are absolutely abysmal. So if you believe in good, free, articulate sexuality education for youth and young adults, please drop by and click the “donate” button. Consider it a holiday gift to the world. Thank you.

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