May 2008

I read a lot of blogs. They keep my mind open and active. Some of them are like Real Live Preacher, personal essays and religion and things; some of them are about knitting; some are about green living. Mostly I run across them when I’m researching something. One day I was looking up how to cook dried beans and I found Such Treasures. The blogger is a highly observant Christian who homeschools and homesteads with her three children and her husband. Now there’s a lot she says that I don’t agree with, and there’s some that I don’t even understand, but there’s a lot of sweetness and strength and wisdom there, too. Recently she posted about fencing their property. In the course of the post she wrote, “I know I can’t do the work of a man…”.

She sounds so certain.
She sounds so sure.
She sounds reassured.
I wonder what it would be like. I have an underlying sense that I need to try to do everything; that I need to try to be good at everything. One of the hardest lessons of partnership or community is learning that we don’t need to be good at everything; that others can do what they are good at for the good of all concerned.

What gifts do you bring?
…and what can you just let go?

We live in a lush world. There are so many wonderful things, so many possibilities, and in the US it’s even more so, in the spring more so still.

And in ministry, yet more. There’s so much that could be done, so many options, so many joyful directions for things to go. Of course, the dilemma is the same, too–what can be done, and what paths must go unfollowed? (or unbroken. We are, after all, UUs. Breaking trails is often much more our way.)

Eunny Jang is an editor (the editor?) at Interweave Knits, a fine knitting magazine. She is a brilliant and generous knitter. Before she got the job she blogged prolifically. Her lace and cable tutorials are known among online knitters everywhere. She has been granted a blog space at IK’s website.

It was last updated in October of 2007.

Apparently we are in good company, having to choose among the wonderful things. May we all find time to enjoy the wonderful things that matter most.